Recent Projects


From standard to fully customised sailing battens we take pride in our work and aim to satisfy every customer. 


Evolutions Sailmakers NZ - BBW100ft, Tokolosh, CQS

Evolution Sailmakers Palma - Swann 100, Hopetosse

Evolution Sailmakers - Formula 40 Catamaran

Evolution Sailmakers - HH66, Catamaran

North Sails Sydney - Mills 41, Concubine

North Sails Sydney Rogers 46 monohull

North Sails Sydney - Kerr 44, Swish

North Sails Sydney - Mills 72 Mini Maxi, Caol Ila R

North Sails NZL - Hanse 575, Odyssey IV

North Sails NZL - TP52 Med Super series circuit, Sled

North Sails NZL - JV52, Temptation

North Sails NZL - Shaw 11m, Blink

Doyles Sailmakers NZL - TP52, V5

Doyles Sailmakers NZL - TP52, Secret Mens Business

Doyles Sailmakers NZL - BBW52, Wired

Doyles Sailmaker NZL - Morelli Melvin 10m Foiling Catamaran, Foiled

Doyles Sailmakers NZL - Schionning 60 Catamaran, Kotuku

Doyles Sailmakers NZL - Pac 52 Invisible Hand

Quantum Sailmakers Newport - Swann 80, Selene

Incidence Voiles FRA, JV74

Oyster 885 #7

Oyster 885 - Guardian Angel 

HH66 Catamaran #1

HH66 Catamaran #2

Roger Hill 20m Cat

Dubois 37m, Nashira

Brett Bakewell White 37ft - Anarchy


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