Why Hall Spars


We're for sailors. 

At Hall Spars we’ve been rigging and racing for over 30 years; designing, crafting, trialling, sailing and winning with our high performance spars and rigs.

Working with carbon since ‘84 and autoclaves since ‘92, we’ve always stayed one step ahead of the pack. And in 2016 we knew, as sailors, it was time to see innovation drive sail batten technology forwards. We saw a gap in the market for a lighter, higher performance product: one that would make the boat go faster while protecting your sails.

So we adapted traditional approaches to sail batten design and manufacture, and we made what we think, as crew ourselves, is a game-changer.

We wanted to make communication simple and ordering product a breeze.

So although our HCB Sail Battens were designed and engineered in New Zealand, we have offices all over the world, and you can order online right here.

Straight-talking, we’re on your timezone and your wavelength.

We can’t wait to get out on the water with you.